One Central Mall

One Central mall has an ideal platform to promote your company service or product. We offer promotional opportunities to enhance your marketing efforts and broaden your marketing reach by creatively promoting your business through the mall in a retail environment

From brand awareness to product launches. We offer you a prime location to launch your product, promote your brand, increase awareness of your services and Interact with potential clients and customers. Let us at One-C be your conduit to success.

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Our Vision

Distinguish itself from all other proposed or existing malls in Trinidad. To achieve this One-C must have some clearly defined competitive advantages.

Positioned as a “premium upmarket mall” in the mid-market segment. Market also the opportunity to tenants to exist as a virtual mall to support its physical asset space at the mall to house its products & services.

Develop and use technology driven solutions to drive business excellence of the mall’s clients/tenants through improved efficiency, effectiveness and cost optimization. This will eventually result in improved delivery to customers and the general public.

Provide tenants with an online platform to show case their products and services using a 360 degrees panoramic view.

Providing additional services to tenants, supporting their virtual offering by providing the facility of a courier service to deliver products purchased online to anywhere in Trinidad.


Designed as a lifestyle Mall, One-C will feature shop spaces, Food Court, entertainment area with multiplex cinema and more. It’s a great pleasure to introduce Trinidad’s first shopping mall adjoining to the Uriah Butler Highway with access to both north bound and south bound traffic.

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One Central Mall


  • One-C will offer many advantages for retailers: a range of facilities, easy access to Customers with a catchment of approximately 525,000 customers and great exposure of Products and services both physically and virtually and a continuous stream of new and Repeat customers.


  • One-C is currently in the construction phase. The superstructure has been completed as well as the enclosed security walls to the back of the property. Finishings of the internal are currently in progress, Together with the enclosed security walls to the front of the property.